5 Social Media Content Ideas

by qodemedia

Oct 25, 2017

When it comes to content, nothing is equal, especially on social media sites. The marketing that occurs on these social sites is completely different from the promotional advertising that you can run through Google AdWords or even on your website. One of the fastest ways to get people to avoid or run away from your social platform is to blatantly market your products and services with a lot of hype.

Marketing on Facebook and on the other platforms involves building relationships and earning trust. This way, people will naturally head to your website or click on your ads to find out more about your products and business. In order to do this effectively, here are 5 content ideas that you can use on your social media sites that will encourage interaction and build your reputation.

  1. Share data – Keep on top of the latest news in your field and share it with others. Get hooked up with a Google Alert that lets you know when there is a current news story available. Share this news with others and you’ll become known as an authority.
  2. Post inspirational images or text – The vast majority of people head to social sites for good news, to connect with friends and to be uplifted. Post inspirational or motivational text or images to raise the spirits of others. You’ll be rewarded for it and will build up a large following this way.
  3. Ask questions – People love to be asked for their opinions and respect a company that is willing to ask them questions. Not only will you have more engagement with your social media visitors but you’ll also be able to gather honest opinions that you can use for promotional or developmental purposes.
  4. Make your business real – Snap some pictures of yourself, your work space and your employees to show others that you are real people operating a legitimate company. In this digital age, this factor has become more important than ever. You are putting a face or faces to the business and becoming more real to your potential customers.
  5. Make recommendations – If you have tried a product recently, have read a good book or have seen an exciting movie, let others know about it. This will automatically encourage others to leave comments and will heighten the interaction between you and your audience.

In terms of social media content, it’s a whole new ballgame when compared to other types of marketing. If you need help with your social media postings, please contact Qode Social at (416) 226-0563. For more details about our extensive social management packages please feel free to visit our website at www.qodesocial.com.