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Social media is not slowing down any time soon, and this is why it is important to make sure you are using effective strategies to make the most out of it. With platforms like Instagram and Facebook having over a billion active users, enhancing your social media strategy can set you apart from other individuals and companies. 

Through social media, influencers and organizations alike are utilizing key techniques in getting higher engagement rates, better impressions, as well as more followers. What are some of these strategies that influencers and organizations use? We will give you a breakdown of  6 trending social media strategies that will help elevate your social media presence. 

1. Share Video Content

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all allow for video content to be posted, which is a fantastic outlet to showcase creative multimedia. As a matter of fact, the new app that is on everyone’s phone, TikTok, showcases short video clips between 5 to 60 seconds, spreading viral content like wildfire. Videos can be used to include engaging content, and are often the most shared content on social media. YouTube actually has the second-highest active users, only behind Facebook. Video content has paved the way for influencers to expand their presence in social media, creating a personalized touch in an oversaturated market, and marketing companies are certainly capitalizing off of this.

2. Work With Influencers 

In a previous blog post, we discussed the impact of influencers with their ability to effectively promote a product by simply associating their identity with it. The concept of working with influencers is essentially the same as celebrity endorsements, and this is a trend that is unlikely to fade away in the future. Why is this effective? When a company or a brand intends to promote itself on social media, people are more inclined to engage with someone they may know. One common mistake that a lot of companies fall for is failing to add a personal voice in their digital marketing strategies which can make their engagement feel robotic and ingenuine. You would probably feel more enticed to visit a restaurant if an influencer who is known to be a foodie endorsed it, compared to a regular person. 

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3. Engage with your audience

If you want your followers to maintain an interest in following your social feed, then it is highly recommended that you engage with them so they continue to view your content. A lot of brands and organizations have adopted community management by directly replying and sharing content from followers. For instance, user-generated content is one of the best ways to ensure that your followers are engaging with you as they are sharing content that showcases what you have to offer. This is very common with a lot of makeup, food and art brands. In addition, engaging with your audience makes you look more memorable, as these instances of engagement can be remembered by your audience. 

4. Tailor your content for social media

While this may seem obvious, some companies make the mistake of simply copying and pasting content written by a copywriter on a website to the social media pages. This is not original, nor is it engaging. This point also addresses that with each social media platform, they each have their own specialty in how content can be optimized. For example, instagram is best suited for photos, but if you intend to upload videos, make sure to crop them as a square to maximize all the room there is. Keep in mind, a lot of these apps are viewed on phones, and the example of uploading a horizontal video on Instagram is not the best way to showcase video content. While all social media apps have slowly transitioned into accommodating all sorts of multimedia, some content is still better suited for other platforms. But as a general tip, keeping everything short and concise is key in leveraging your audience’s attention.

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5. Maximize widget use

Plenty of social media platforms have additional widgets that can be utilized by brands or organizations. This is vital in maintaining your company’s presence, as these little tools are proven to be useful. For example, on Instagram, if you have gained over 10,000 followers, you unlock the swipe up to view feature on your stories. Using stories are already another widget to keep in mind to use, but having the ability to redirect it to your website to gain more page views and potential sales is a major benefit. Another example would be to add a link in bio to all of your social media pages. This is effective when you create a post with a call to action, and this way it would be easy to simply direct your followers with where to go using that link. Other examples include creating polls on Facebook and Twitter, for the purpose of increasing engagement with your followers. 

6. Tagging is key

Perhaps you already have an established set of followers, but in social media, there is always more room for growth especially if you are focusing on marketing your products. Tagging content is useful in expanding your reach beyond your current audience. This includes adding hashtags to your social media content to make it discoverable to others who may not know about your page. While hashtags used to be limited in its scope where it was exclusively on Twitter, it has now expanded to other social media platforms which makes it ideal for potential growth. Another form of tagging is adding locations to your posts, which is important if you are a local service or business. Lastly, another way is by tagging accounts on photos or posts. If you are a multidisciplinary brand that has other components, this is the ideal way to showcase your other brands.

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In Conclusion 

Social media is always evolving, while some trends may die out, strategies can always be implemented to stay ahead of the curve. 15 years ago, Myspace was one of the biggest social media platforms to have ever emerged. And now, it is just a piece of nostalgia. While some trends may die, they can always be revived again. Take TikTok for example, the short video social formula was first established by Vine, which is now closed and arguably succeeded by TikTok.  

These strategies are guiding points to remember with the current social market right now. And as always, in the future, we may not predict what could be the next big break for social media marketing. Having said that, keeping these strategies in mind can be effective for your company or brand moving forward in the dynamic field of social media.

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