7 Dogs You Should be Following on Instagram

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Feb 23, 2017

So, we all know FLUFF content is important but it’s taking on a whole new meaning with our furry friends taking over Instagram.

Here are 7 dogs you should be following:


Cue: The Lion King theme song. ????: @hunter_lawrence

A post shared by Aspen the Mountain Pup (@aspenthemountainpup) on

TBH Aspen is more active than we will ever be but, give him a follow for amazing outdoor pictures all featuring the adorable golden retriever himself.


having a stare down with old man winter. ❄️ #goaway

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Dean is a basset hound right here in Toronto. He enjoys long walks along Lake Ontario and finding sticks. Not a fan of Canadian winters, but who can blame him.



Half husky half wolf Loki is a unique breed. Despite being half wolf this doggo is gentle and adventurous. Follow along for videos and pictures from Loki and his human friend as they explore the outdoors: skiing, hiking and adventuring.



i’m welcome to house warming gifts.. some bacon would do

A post shared by hank the french bulldog (@thelifeof_hank) on

Oh Hank. Your captions just get us. You. Just. Get. Us.


Look who needed a wash ????

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Showcasing the adventures of Ramsey. This Instagram account aims to end the stigma around the Blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed and pit bull family of dogs. We can’t help but smile at the quirky pictures that disprove the rumours that these creatures are all aggressive and unpredictable.


pretending i’m queen of narnia

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This Siberian husky is #aestheticgoals. Honestly this dogs feed is more visually pleasing than most of the two legged users we follow.



My tongue is the size of my ears!

A post shared by Sploot The Corgi (@splootthecorgi) on

There is a reason that corgis are the queen’s dog of choice: THEY ARE JUST SO DANG CUTE. I don’t know if it’s their pointy ears or stubby legs but whenever Sploot comes across our feed it instantly brightens our day.


Who’s your favourite furry friend to follow on Instagram? Let us know on twitter or tag on Instagram @qodesocial.