Best image sizes for Facebook

Facebook cover photo dimensions: 828 pixels x 315 pixels

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The cover photo is a great opportunity for a business to communicate its branding through an image because it is large and in charge- at the very top of your Facebook page. Here are some of Qode Social’s tips for an effective Facebook cover photo:

-Always save your image as a .PNG file: this will keep crisp edges on text, ensuring maximum readability.

-Make sure when saving image files, to select “Save for web”: doing so will reduce load time, which is a big plus.

-Make the photo something interesting and eye-catching that fits with your branding.

-Be aware of the overlap from the cover photo: From the profile picture, to the edge of the page, you want your cover photo content to be visible in its entirety- don’t let your profile picture block text or images, and make sure important information/images are not “cut off” along edges of the photo. People will notice these mistakes and it shows a lack of attention to detail.


Facebook profile photo image dimensions: 180 pixels x 180 pixels

Facebook profile picture size

Your Facebook profile photo is your moneymaker- it is how everyone will recognize your business throughout Facebook. That is why it is very important to make your profile photo a concise and clear representation of your business. Your logo (with minimal text) should be your business’ profile photo image because it is the easiest way people would recognize your brand in a thumbnail image. For example, if you are liking or commenting on things, the only image others see is your profile photo, so you want to make an impression. Your logo will catch the eye, be recognizable, and get you exposure.


Facebook link image size: 1200 pixels x 627 pixels

Facebook link image size

When uploading a link to your business’s Facebook page, you want the image to be clear and appealing. Including minimal text in these images will eliminate information overload for people viewing it, and any text needed can be added in your link description. The image will appear on a Facebook page with a maximum width of 504 pixels, and in a Facebook feed with maximum width of 470 pixels. Facebook will automatically scale the photo to minimum dimensions, so increase image resolution when scaling, to avoid poor image quality.


Facebook shared image size: 1200 pixels x 900 pixels

Facebook shared image size

This recommended Facebook shared image upload size ensures that your photo will look high quality everywhere on Facebook- such as in a newsfeed, or on your page. As with all images uploaded to your Facebook page, minimal text is best, as you can add any required text in descriptions. A cluttered image will be unappealing to consumers, so you want clear and high quality images throughout your Facebook campaign.

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