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Google plus cover photo size: 1080 pixels x 608 pixels

best google plus image sizes

Google+ cover photo size should be 1080 pixels x 608 pixels for optimal quality and size when scaled. Your cover photo is important for distinguishing and showcasing your business’s branding. Choosing an image that captures follower’s attention is important, but it needs to be cohesive with your company’s brand strategy. It’s best to choose images with minimal text, because text can often muddle an image, making it less impactful. Adding a logo, and short slogan or tagline can be effective but only if it is on brand, and to the point; think of your cover photo as your business summed up in one image.

Google plus profile photo image size: 250 pixels x 250 pixels

best google+ profile image size

Your business’ Google+ profile photo image size should be a square, 250 pixels x 250 pixels, so when it is scaled the image retains high quality resolution. The most effective image to use for a company Google+ page is your logo. This keeps your image succinct and easily recognizable in thumbnail form. Your logo is your brand, and your profile image is the perfect place to proudly display that!

Google plus shared image size: 497 pixels x 373 pixels

best google+ shared image size

Optimal Google + shared image size is 497 pixels x 373 pixels. At this upload size, the scaled image will be high quality, which is always the best way to go. Images on your company’s social media profiles should always be crisp and clear, high quality resolution, so your customers know you are conscious of quality in all aspects of your business. And as always, save your photos as .PNG files to keep lines of text crisp.

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