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Twitter banner size: 1500 pixels x 500 pixels

twitter banner size

Twitter banners should be 1500 pixels x 500 pixels in order to display the graphic effectively, with no stretching or cropping required. The cover photo allows a company to represent its brand with an eye-catching image, or promote products and services. As with Facebook banner images, it is important to keep overlap in mind; the cover photo image should be clearly visible, with a buffer zone around the edges to eliminate text or pictures being cut off. Also, when saving image files for uploading as social media images, always save as a .PNG file- this keeps lines and edges of text crisp for the best readability.

Twitter profile photo image size: 180 pixels x 180 pixels

twitter profile image size

Your Twitter profile photo image size should be 180 pixels x 180 pixels because it ensures the image is nicely square, and that your desired profile image is compressed down to a smaller size. The most effective profile photo for any company is simple: your logo! In keeping with the general rule of profile images, the less text, the better. Since profile images are so small to begin with (an even smaller as a thumbnail when replying to tweets) keep it simple by using your company’s logo so you are easily distinguished and recognized along a customer’s timeline.


Twitter shared image size: 506 pixels by x 506 pixels

twitter shared image size

Twitter shared image size is the highest quality when at 506 pixels x 506 pixels. When scaled for display, images uploaded at this size will be crisp and clear and high quality. When customers look at your company’s social media profiles, every little detail is noticed, down to image quality- therefore, if the images you are displaying are stretched, low quality, or poorly designed, customers will chalk it up to a lack of attention to detail. Social media profiles are meant to attract and dazzle returning and potential customers, so you want to put your best foot forward with attractive and appropriately sized images!

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