Penguin Fight, a Shakespearean Tragedy

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Nov 09, 2016

Toronto Social Media Marketing Management CompanyYou might have heard about the penguin cheating scandal posted by the National Geographic Channel on Friday. The clip documents the aftermath of a cuckolded penguin flipping out after discovering that his mate was with another penguin. As the narrator explains, “He flips out; his strategy is simple, batter the homewrecker until he flees.”

However, the husband is unwilling to give up. After a savage attack at the homewrecker, pecking and gouging at his face, the two penguins reach a stalemate. Fighting for the female’s affection, they decide to let the wife choose.

After what seemed like total defeat for the husband, the wife chooses her new lover over her mate. However, this penguin simply won’t take it. With his kids and his home on the line, he prepares himself for round two. After another gruesome attack and loss, the penguin gets beaten up and is still not chosen by his wife.

Although the penguin may have been pummelled and rejected, according to the narrator, “he’ll lick his wounds and move on. In a colony of nearly a quarter a million, there’s plenty more fish in the sea.” Check out the video above.