It finally happened – you can now schedule posts on Instagram.


No more awkwardly excusing yourself at work to post that photo to Insta at the most engaging time.


No more frantically trying to get good enough wi-fi to post in between subway stops, because 6pm is your account’s peak engagement time.


No more paying companies extravagant sums of money to post on your behalf. It’s here.


Previously, several social media management platforms such as Hootsuite had launched a work around where you needed to download an app, and a notification would prompt you to post at the time scheduled. But not only was  super convenient, it also was super glitchy.


Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, finally announced today that they have launched full scheduling integration, meaning you can schedule in Hootsuite and your photo and caption will automatically post at the desired time (more geeky details here). At least, that’s the idea.


We tried scheduling an image in Hootsuite for Instagram, but it didn’t work as well as expected.


Here’s a quick step-by-step guide:


  1. Connect your Business Instagram Account to Hootsuite (on desktop)
  2. Connect your Facebook page that is attached to your Business Instagram Account
  3. Download the Hootsuite app (on mobile)
  4. Enable notifications in the app
  5. Schedule your post within Hootsuite


After we tried it out, the post disappeared from the “scheduled” stream in Hootsuite at the right time, but it didn’t actually post to Instagram.


Have you tried out Hootsuite’s new feature? Did you have better luck than us? Let us know below in the comments!