Does Your Business Need to Use Social Media?

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Nov 01, 2017

It wasn’t too long ago when we would pull out our Yellow Pages to find a business in our local area and then either call it or visit the shop in person to find what we needed. Fast forward to today, and the Yellow Pages have virtually become a thing of the past. Most people simply turn to the Internet either at home on their computers or through their mobile devices to find the businesses that offer what they are looking for. This is a completely different concept, and one that takes the human factor out of the shopping equation.

The human factor is still an important part of a shopping experience for many people. It’s something, however, that can be accomplished through social media networks, and this is why so many businesses use social sites as an important marketing tool. It gives you the chance to connect with people at a social level, which in turn makes your business more real to them.

You can talk with others on a social site in real time or through posts that you make. These platforms allow you to put a human touch into your business in a way that cannot be established on a website alone. You can connect with people socially, in much the same way that a shopkeeper would talk with someone that enters their store. Although it is a much different approach, social media allows you to humanize your business to draw in more customers.

When you look at the large corporations, you’ll see that they have social media profiles set up and maintain them on a regular basis. These bigger companies have done a lot of testing and through their data and analysis have determined that social media marketing is an important part of their overall advertising strategy. You can use the market research that they have done to your advantage and establish a social presence based on the fact that it works for others.

Sometimes it just takes simple common sense to arrive at a conclusion. Once you start using these social media platforms to reach out to others, you can see for yourself what effect it is having on your own business. You might be quite surprised to see the results and how connecting with others socially can raise your revenue significantly.

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