Barburrito, a franchised quick-service restaurant, has been a leader in Mexican-style fast food in Canada since its inception in 2005. With over 60 rapidly growing locations in Canada, Barburrito was looking to revitalize its social media strategy to reflect its fun, casual brand and re-engage its fans with fresh content and ideas.


In June 2018, Qode Social (QS) began to collaborate with Barburrito Canada in order to help them give further meaning to their brand and stand out from competitors. The Mexican-inspired fast food company had elaborated strong foundational brand elements, but, while they were good in theory, they weren’t being fully executed and did not reflect the company's vision. The biggest difficulty was how to effectively articulate that they were a bold, unique and unprecedented Mexican grill.

Barburrito’s main goals given to QS were to reach out to Generation Z with content that stood out against its competitors. The ideas and brand not only had to be quirky to differentiate themselves, but also capitalize on trending topics. The strategy would focus on growing Barburrito’s younger audience, support new franchise locations, and ultimately cultivate sales.


As a relatively smaller Canadian brand, Barburrito’s messaging was competing with other large Tex-Mex chains, such as Chipotle, and other related fast food chains like McDonald’s and Wendy’s. These competing restaurants maintained strong brand recognition and social media influence. As a result, QS needed to create a distinct content strategy that set it apart from the typical high-quality food imagery and tame language. QS devised a tone that directly spoke in a Generation Z tone, drawing references from popular culture including memes and quirky, absurdist ideas to catch eyes, scratch heads and promote engagement.

Content That Stands Out

From bizarre Photoshop works to quick quizzes, QS created interactive content with a sassier tone for Barburrito’s social media feeds that invoked authentic, high-quality engagement in comments and shares. In addition to a regular monthly calendar, QS also made quick responses to highly trending topics to have Barburrito join in on conversations relevant to their demographic, from Spotify to Ariana Grande.

Strategic Boosting

QS managed a consistent and regularly revised Facebook and Instagram boosting strategy, which helped to improve initial reach and engagement and jumpstart organic sharing.


Starting in June of 2018, QS grew its already large Instagram following by over 30% with over 15 original pieces of content per month. QS also improved Barburrito’s quality engagement, with an average of over 15 comments and shares per post, boosting its brand awareness and quality interactions with its users on Facebook and Instagram.


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