FUZE Reps is a full-service management and production agency representing award-winning photographers, CGI and digital content artists.

Fuze Reps was looking for social media management to showcase their clients' photography while increasing interest, demand, and engagement, as well as developing an enticing strategy to expand their roster.


In 2018, Fuze Reps was a start-up account, but the company wanted to use social media to build brand awareness amongst local and up and coming photographers organically.

To reflect their high-quality roster effectively on social media, they wanted to optimize their social media with a unique strategy to highlight of their clients' work.

As a tight knit community amongst their clients and crew, FUZE Reps also wanted to manage and create a strong online community with effective audience interactions, as well as acknowledge other locally talented creatives.


To meet and exceed FUZE Reps' needs, Qode Social (QS) looked to develop an on-brand strategy with a relatable, humorous and simple style to best engage with their "easy-going" market. QS placed a high emphasis on stories management with personal twists to engage audiences and make their online presence more personable to both existing and incoming fans.

When working with such high-quality creatives, QS wanted to focus the attention on the details of each piece they created. We effectively starting creating colour- oriented grids to showcase each photographer's unique talents, while keeping on trend and posting up-to-date images.

Socially Optimized Content

QS planned and delivered a content calendar every month to the FUZE Reps team to showcase how their photographers work would b used creatively and to entertain. Content centred around trending topics geared towards millennials, including pop culture references, trending hashtags, and other forms of humour. The detailed images were designed to be engaged with and to inspire users, as well as invite them to participate in conversation through sharing their own photographs and other creations.

Creating a FUZE Family

During difficult times, people look to creatives to focus their mind on other forms of news or entertainment. During the COVID-19 crisis, FUZE Reps wanted to reach out to audiences to showcase their personable behaviours and highlight what makes them fuze. QS helped FUZE reach this goal by releasing stories each week focusing on each photographer on their roster and their personal life, i.e. first photoshoot, childhood photos, hobbies. In addition, Instagram LIVE sessions were hosted each week to bring the FUZE audiences together to celebrate their safety and health through DJ nights and yoga sessions.

Fan Engagement

QS was proactive in community engagement. No matter the comments being left, QS was replying with their humour or a series of emojis to let audiences know there was someone real behind their account and they were no longer just talking to an agency. Qode Social purposely made the captions on posts engaging, typically with some form of question, pun or joke which grabbed the attention of audience's and brought an overall lightness to the account. Qode Social successfully monitored and responded to users in a "social" way to promote audience growth and contributed to turning fans into long-lasting followers.


Since QS overtook FUZE Reps' social channels in 2018, they have seen a signifcant growth in their engagement, impressions, reach, and community. With over 6,500 followers, Fuze Reps has a highly engaged community who supports each artist on the FUZE Reps roster equally, and has brought in the interest of many other local creatives. Qode Social has brought in over 20,000 impressions and 500+ profile vists per month.



> 20,000

monthly impressions

> 500

Monthly Profit visits