Goals and Objectives

Qualifirst Foods had success as a wholesale Gourmet food supplier in North America but in late 2015 the company’s management noticed its revenues and market share were stagnant. The organization wanted to expand its reach into untapped markets and recognized the need to improve its online branding, but didn’t know how to achieve both outcomes simultaneously.

Content Implementation & Growth Strategy

  • Analyze Source Traffic

    To understand where the organization’s existing customer base and online audience came from, specific and detailed user statistics including location, age, device used, etc. were collected.

  • Evaluate Market Area for Expansion

    Conducted market and relevant competitor research.

  • Create Comprehensive SEO and Social Media Strategy

    Targeted new locations and demographics.

  • Implement SEO set up and create social media accounts

    Used new brand strategy to polish online profiles.

  • Record results and evaluate against previous benchmarks

    Quantitative analysis to clearly demonstrate growth and specific areas for improvement.

Followers Growth


In 2016, Qode Social created a quantitative and comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Qualifirst Foods. After 18 months of implementation, the marketing plan resulted in a 42% increase in e-commerce revenue generated by SEO

Through social media marketing, Instagram followers increased from 195 to 9,200 and Facebook likes rose by 85%. Organic engagement across all channels grew dramatically, ultimately improving potential customers perception of Qualifirst Food’s brand and industry knowledge.