Instagram Launches New Feature to Remove Commenting Ability on Posts

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Dec 15, 2016



Instagram Launches New Feature to Remove Commenting Ability on Posts

Instagram has recently announced that there are new major changes on the horizon that will give users better control over their app experiences. Users will be able to decide whether they want to turn off the comments left on their posts or not. A user will not have to be concerned about any comments left and will have the option to turn them off.

This change was noted on the Instagram blog on December 12, 2016 and it follows the introduction of September’s keyword filter. This filter could only be used by celebrities originally but was later introduced to all Instagram users, allowing them to create custom lists or filter out offensive language. As well, the no-comments feature was only available to power users at the beginning. In the weeks to come, all users will have access to it.

The toggle to turn off comments can be found under the advanced settings. If you do decide to turn off comments, you’ll have the option of changing your mind and turning them back on later.

There are other upcoming updates that should be noted including the option of removing followers discreetly from your account or liking particular comments. You’ll also be able to provide an anonymous report to Instagram if you see any user threatening to injure themselves. The company will connect the user to an organization that can provide help and teams will be reviewing the reports 24/7.

Although they may seem like simple changes, they reflect just how dedicated Instagram is to improving the safety and the enjoyment of the site to its end users. A lot of the Instagram conversations start with comments so this is a big change for the site. It allows users to enjoy the social media platform without having to worry about negative comments.

It can be said that Instagram is becoming more like Snapchat every day with these new updates. Of course, Instagram has its own set of loyal visitors and it seems as though these changes may make the platform even more inviting for new users. There’s no doubt that Instagram has become a leader in the online social media world and should be considered as a vital tool for any marketer that wants to reach out to its target market en masse.

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