Does Your Small Business Make Daily Posts on Social Media?

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Apr 05, 2018

A recent survey asking small businesses how they are using social media in 2018 has been released and the results may surprise you. According to the survey, postings are made on social channels every day by 52% of the small businesses that were polled. For some people, this will seem like a staggering amount of businesses that are using social media on a regular basis. For others, the numbers may seem quite low. It all depends on your own personal interpretation of what is needed in today’s digital marketplace.

There is no doubt that social media is where things are popping. It’s where your customers are hanging out and discussing the products they’ve been using. While daily posts certainly aren’t necessary, it is important to regularly make these posts so that you can connect with your target audience. Failing to do so will simply leave you in the trenches.

The survey was conducted by Clutch and revealed that more women than men are likely to turn to social media and as a result more businesses owned by women are regularly making posts there. Facebook is by far the most popular place for small businesses to connect with others. Instagram, YouTube and Twitter are also popular social sites for businesses that want to reach out to the audiences that would be interested in the products or services that they are offering.

Social media offers a number of benefits to smaller companies that find themselves competing in both the physical and the digital marketplace. Company owners can take advantage of social sites to promote new services and products or to engage customers and have them take part in special promotional events.

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