6 Essential Tips For Your Social Media Headlines

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Jul 18, 2017

6 Essential Tips For Your Social Media Headlines

If you want to deliver a message on social media to be heard by the masses, you’ll need to create stunning headlines that stand out from the masses of competing content. In order to make your voice heard, you’ll need to be able to cut through the noise on the social sites with sharp headlines that connect with your audience. Here are some tips to help you create the headlines that will resonate with your target market.

Ask questions – Pique the curiosity of your audience and take advantage of more engagement by asking a question in your headline.

Create urgency – When you have up-to-date news to share, use words that convey the urgency of the story, such as “breaking news”, “this just in”, etc.

Highlight the value – If you can create a headline that outlines the value of your message you’ll attract more visitors. You’ll be providing a reason for people to read through the entire post or to click on a link.

Use numbers – Headlines that have numbers generally create more excitement than other headlines. When you can put together a list, people will be drawn to it since it’s fast and easy to read. Make sure that your number appears in a numeral form versus a word form.

Add adjectives – The power of just one word can change the effectiveness of your headline. For example, “Flooding in Toronto” may be overlooked, while “Massive Flooding in Downtown Toronto” is more likely to turn heads.

Colons and hyphens – Studies have shown that the click-through rate on a headline containing hyphens or colons goes up by approximately 9%. Your primary keyword should show up before the hyphen or colon followed by the rest of your message.

Creating catchy headlines and content is the basis for several industries – investing in copywriting is key for any company to attract individual customers, and the world of search engine optimization is built upon using the right words to show relevance in the chosen market.

Use the tips above to improve your headlines, but if you are looking to maximize your potential, Qode Social is here to help. We provide the copywriting and visual content to increase your engagement and business growth. Contact us today to find out how we can help attract visitors to your social media channels and your website.