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Have you ever tried to search for an item online, and found yourself scrolling through Google Images? Maybe you had a particular item in mind, but you could not find it through a regular Google search, so you decided to look at images instead to see if you would find the right item. Chances are, some of the image results you may have clicked came from Pinterest, which is a social media platform that is best known as a visual search engine. 

As a business, you may always be looking for new avenues to expand your reach to your potential customers. Using Pinterest is an ideal way to connect with customers who prefer to look for items through image searches. The social media platform is constantly growing, and to this date, it has over 300 million users

Now is the best time to branch off to Pinterest as the platform recently launched a new feature that allows users to shop directly on the platform. Users can now shop from pins, boards and through search on Pinterest. For those who may be unfamiliar with Pinterest, pins are the single content posts that either display an image, video, or gif. A board is a curation of pins, where each board can be organized to display whatever a user chooses to attach to it.

Shop feature via Pinterest

The new shop feature opens up a level playing field where small businesses and big corporations alike can sell their products, but Pinterest allows both to be discovered equally, where neither business size has an advantage.

With this new feature at hand, here are some best practices with expanding your business on Pinterest.

Use a business account

On Pinterest, you have the option to open two types of accounts. You can either have a personal account, or you can have a business account which opens up two useful tools. On a Pinterest business account, you will have access to Pinterest Analytics, where you will be able to track the popularity of your pins. You can assess which pins people clicked on the most, as well as analyze the amount of views your pins received. Second, you will have access to Pinterest Ads, where you can begin advertising your products, which is the ideal way to insert your call to action plan to entice viewers to purchase your products.

Know your buyer personas

Depending on how you plan to use Pinterest, it is important to understand who your audience is and what content they are likely looking for. Whether you are a fashion boutique, or a furniture store, you need to assess the needs of your buyers, as well as their interests and problems. It is important to know your buyer personas since this will allow you to create tailored content that will yield the best results. Given the fact that Pinterest is heavily image based, find a way to convey how you will solve your buyer’s problems with images that speak to your customers.

Follow creative guidelines for pins

Pinterest has five tips to ensure that your pins are designed to be creative and effective. The guideline advises users to pick an eye-catching image, but to also insert your brand and even a text-overlay to make it easier to understand. Remember to design strategically on Pinterest. Especially with the new shop feature, following these tips will help your pins stand out from others, and potentially drive more sales if your pins are clear and accessible. 

Viva Naturals Pinterest

Stay organized with boards

Think of your Pinterest boards as like the aisles in a grocery store, or a catalog that divides items based on their category. Always make sure you think of the user experience when people are browsing your Pinterest profile. To make the experience smoother and easier to navigate, make sure that you utilize boards and organize the products you are selling on each board accordingly. In addition, you can also have boards that give inspiration ideas, which Pinterest is best known for. Whether you are showing off an outfit or a room design, the items you want to advertise are all fully accessible 

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Use hashtags and keywords

Just like Instagram and Twitter which use hashtags strategically to be discovered, Pinterest also works the same way. Using hashtags and keywords can make it easier for your potential customers to find your products on the search tab. In addition, you can also use hashtags and keywords for your own account to stay organized. By using custom hashtags or keywords that only resonate with your brand, your customers can use these to find products that are exclusively by your brand.

If your company needs a strategy to utilize Pinterest for business, then our team at Qode Social can help you.

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