Explore Your Options with the New Twitter Tab for iOS and Android

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Jan 27, 2017

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Explore Your Options with the New Twitter Tab for iOS and Android

The Moments tab on Twitter is being replaced by a new Explore tab that will bring together search, Moments and trends and it closely resembles the Explore tab found on Instagram. The Moments tab has highlighted notable Tweet collections that have been put together by editors at Twitter and they’ll still be available in the new Explore tab but will be de-emphasized.

Just as you see on Instagram, the icon for this tab is a magnifying glass. When you click on it, you’ll have access to a number of discovery and search features rolled into one on its mobile toolbar. Search, Moments, featured videos and trending hashtags can now all be found in the same place.

While none of these features can be considered new, they have been scattered on the Twitter app. Now they’ll all be accessible under the magnifying glass icon. In the past, the Moments tab didn’t turn out to be a game changer for the company so it’s time to say goodbye to the standalone tab.

Users with an iOS platform on their mobile devices should see the changes implemented on Thursday, January 26 while the new changes will appear in the coming weeks for Android users.

While the new tab looks good enough, there may be room for further improvement. For example, you still can’t see the top links of the people you are following or the tweets that have been most retweeted during the day. We’re waiting anxiously for that one to appear!

You may have already noticed the Explore tab on your Twitter app. The company has been testing it on a select group of Twitter users on both Android and iOS platforms since October. It has now become a permanent feature that makes the platform even more social by featuring content that’s even more interesting.

It’s a bold move by Twitter intended to put some organization into the data flow in a user’s account. Nothing is really going away with this new tab though. The company is just trying to make it easier for users to find what they want.

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