We all know that when it comes to social media marketing, content is king. We at Qode Social can appreciate a solid meme, a trending news story, and the beauty in a well-edited Instagram photo. These are all examples of what we call FLUFF content. FLUFF is an anagram we created that means Friendly Lighthearted User Friendly Features- clever, right? So leave that lint roller at home, because your business needs FLUFF.

Basically, FLUFF content is the content you incorporate into your social media marketing strategy that humanizes your brand, and engages your audience. When you are trying to market to people on social media, you need to talk the talk, and walk the walk. That means you need to share content that they will find interesting, funny, or engaging in any other way, without it being direct marketing of your business. The truth is that people on social media do not like to be marketed at; if your business displays social media savvy, with knowledge of the nuances and trends of social media platforms, your audience will be attracted to this authenticity.

Here are some examples of FLUFF content:

Memes: memes are a wonderful byproduct of people on the internet finding something funny, and creating a graphic with it. Memes can be text-based, or image based.

Blog articles: incorporating FLUFF blog articles into your content strategy involves writing articles on topics that will grab people’s attention.

Appealing visuals: sharing eye-catching visual content with your audience is another great way to engage, and share your company’s creativity.

FLUFF is not only fun to share, it is also a strategy for driving engagement with your audience. FLUFF is a way to convey authenticity with your social brand, and to establish a social tone that appeals to your target audience. When you share content people will enjoy, they will be more receptive to posts marketing your business. Again, social media marketing is very nuanced- users will not connect with a brand or company using it strictly for marketing themselves. When you listen to your audience, and mirror back content that they will enjoy, it boosts engagement and makes your marketing efforts resonate with your target audience.

It’s 2017, and your business has to be on social media to be considered legit. This is why you hire the pros at Toronto social media marketing management company, Qode Social. We know social media marketing, because we live it. Give us a call today at 416-226-0563 to get your social media game on point (and if you don’t know what that means, you definitely need our help).