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Facebook has once again changed how we interact on social media. Facebook’s latest press release reveals a push in their new live streaming feature. The social network has plans to make live video easily accessible by putting the video at the top of News Feeds as they’re streaming.

This new streaming push will guarantee that live videos get boosted over pre-filmed content. Facebook has also updated their mobile apps to incorporate the new features. The feature is added as the popularity for streaming sites such as Twitch continues to grow. Although Twitch is primarily used to stream live video game accomplishments and walkthroughs, Facebook is encouraging users to use the Live options for other reasons. Live musical performances, news, video game streaming or just chatting with friends are some of the suggested uses of the new streaming feature.

Facebook hopes that the features will become standard and change the way we interact online.

“It gives people to express what’s going on in their life now, what they care about, without having to feel like it’s some super curated thing and I think that’s going to be very powerful,” said Mark Zuckerberg.

It seems that Facebook will also use the new live feature to promote specific events and products through largely followed celebrities and pages. Although the feature has only been rolled out to 30 countries, we can expect a global release extremely soon.

Do you plan on using Facebook live? Do you think Facebook live will be a great outlet to showcase your product and do live demonstrations?

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