Facebook is implementing a new change- and it affects  how videos are being ranked in your News Feed. While it’s only a minor tweak, it’s a move that could affect businesses using the social media platform for video advertising.

Facebook has previously been favouring publishers of videos with one view if a video was watched for at least three seconds. For this reason, many short videos have been appearing that were designed to grab the user’s attention right away. This has been a shortcoming, however, since videos automatically play when they show up in a user’s feed and many video producers have noticed that the completion rates for their videos can be quite low.

While the company is still favouring videos with a view after only a few short seconds, the algorithm for the news feed is also emphasizing longer videos- if people watch the entire length of them. This will also impact longer videos that are being watched by people even if they aren’t viewed till the end. More weight will be put on how long a video is actually being watched, instead of just the percentage watched.

These new changes will apply to videos appearing in the Suggested Videos section as well as in the News Feed. As a result, a new video advertising format for video clips that are a minimum of 90 seconds long is being rolled out.

Facebook has said that the longer videos that actually have people watching for a longer time span may see an increased distribution on the site. Although Facebook has not given an exact definition of a “long” video, the company’s news blog states that the best video length is whatever time is required to tell an engaging, compelling story.

These new changes are going to be gradually rolled out over the course of the next few weeks. In the meantime, if you’ve been producing videos based on the three-second rule, you may want to rethink your strategy. If you have an engaging longer video that you think people will watch, don’t be afraid to add it to your Facebook repertoire. You may be rewarded for it!

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