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At Qode Social, we are always in the pursuit for new, innovative and functional tools to improve our social media campaigns for our clients. As a digital marketing agency, we have sampled a wide range of graphic design tools, from free online tools to paid software. However, upon discovering Visme, this design tool has certainly exceeded our expectations and we were amazed with the variety of content and widgets available to use. As a general overview, Visme is easy to navigate, and the design interface is very accessible for those who are new to digital design.

Since the design tool has a lot to offer, we will provide you with a breakdown of the highlights that we personally found to be remarkable from Visme.

Sleek Interface

Visme’s user interface allows for a smooth and easy experience. Upon logging in, you will be prompted with guiding tutorials that will provide you with an overview of how to navigate the website. From our experience, the website layout was very easy to understand, and all the available tools that Visme has to offer is easily accessible. The home page allows you to stay organized, where you can manage your projects and share them with others.

Brand Management

For brands that are conscious about branding consistency, Visme offers a handy tool that allows users to manage their branding. In the dashboard page, there is a “My Brand” tab that has five sections: typography, colours, templates, logos and brand links. With this brand section, you are given the option to upload your own fonts, colour selection and even your custom logo to accompany the designs you create. In addition, you can also save your custom templates under this tab, which makes it easy to maintain a set design that fits the needs of your brand.

Multimedia Variety

Visme has a lot of widgets to offer which is ideal for those who are looking to experiment with new creative ideas. From colour palettes, to data visualization, Visme has a mix of tools for both aesthetic uses and analytical purposes. We personally like the ability to add external social media links like YouTube and Vimeo, and the design tool is still working to add more tools such as Google Maps. 


Compared to other design tools, Visme offers something unique where you can view the analytics regarding the projects you have created. This is one of our favourite highlights, because we love to see real data to validate the success of our campaign projects. In the home dashboard, you can view this under “Analytics” where you get a calendar chart that states the views that your project has received. In addition, it will also state the unique views and the average time people spent viewing your project. This is certainly beneficial to see how effective your design translates to engagements with users.

Sharing and Privacy

From the design tools that we have used, there is no other like Visme that allows you to work simultaneously with a team, and also have the mobility to share your projects with privacy. This is certainly a great feature that is useful if you are creating work that needs to be sent for approval within a team, but you do not want it to be seen by everyone. The sharing capacity of Visme also gives you multiple options where you can share it to the web, or even receive a HTML code to paste it to other platforms. The best part is also how this tool gives you the option to automatically optimize your projects, where Visme can adjust the dimensions of your project based on the device you are using.

The Verdict

Whether you are a beginner or a professional with graphic design, Visme is an ideal tool for anyone with any skillset. The tool is easy to use, and the various options and widgets available open up the possibility to create unique kinds of work. From pre-built templates, to animated design, this tool has a lot of perks that no other design tool can offer. This is an example of something that we created.


Made with Visme

While it is important to note that we were using a premium account, there are still lots of options available with just a free account. If you are looking for more design options, then it would certainly be recommended to upgrade to a premium account.

To learn more about Visme and what it can offer, please see their pricing plan.

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