Here’s How Social Media Is Influencing Food Habits

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Jun 01, 2017

Social Media Marketing Agency Toronto | Qode Social

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve no doubt seen the mass amount of food pictures posted. People are going out to restaurants and taking pictures of their culinary delights to share with their friends and followers. At home, they are making food and showing the ultimate plated results or even step-by-step pictures of the preparation. Others are sharing recipes in video form from well-respected foodie websites. Once you get onto Instagram and see the displays of food, it may trigger a few cravings.

But how is social media affecting what we eat and how we eat it? Eating is inherently a very social activity, and has been throughout history. Food and the social media platforms have definitely formed a unique relationship and food trend. Since Instagram launched in 2010, more than 208 million posts on Instagram use the #food hashtag.

Restaurants and other companies along the food chain have started to take notice of the power of social sharing, and how it can influence the development of new flavours and dishes based on trends, as well as create word-of-mouth promotion for themselves. Some of the latest trends include some wilder ideas, such as avocado toast and even a Unicorn Frappuccino. Starbucks introduced this frappuccino for a limited time and it was buzzing across many social sites. The drink starts off with a sweet, fruity flavour and then transforms into a sour drink. With fairy powders, whipped cream and pink and purple highlights, the drink is being shared at an unprecedented rate through photos, recipes, and video reviews. As for avocado toast, the price of avocados is now higher than it has been in 19 years, and this is being somewhat credited to the popular trend.

Anyone in the food business at any point along the chain needs to monitor social media food trends to stay in the loop – #foodies are definitely spreading the news and it’s happening faster than wildfire.

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