Photo by Branimir Balogović on Unsplash

As quarantine restrictions around Canada begin to ease up, the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly taken a toll in affecting local communities. Whether it’s local businesses or healthcare facilities, the virus has put a strain on these different sectors. Within the past few months, many companies have taken on brand new initiatives to support different communities that have been affected by COVID-19.

Recently, Instagram launched a new initiative for business accounts that provide resources for local businesses. Whether big or small, any form of contribution can be helpful during this time, and there are many industries that could appreciate any help. Perhaps you may be looking for ideas or inspiration as to how your company can help. Being mindful, that all companies have something different to offer, here are some ways companies are helping different communities during this pandemic.

Helping Local Businesses

As the pandemic has forced a lot of businesses to close down, local businesses have been affected severely. Many local businesses have been forced to shut down, due to different reasons, whether it’s lack of profits, or inability to pay rent. In addition, local businesses span in many different industries, which can include restaurants, salons, and convenience stores just to name a few.

One of the ways to help local businesses is by purchasing from these companies. While some have been forced to stay closed, some have begun offering delivery services for their goods, which still allows the possibility of customers to still support these businesses. Kraft Peanut Butter made the decision to feature their ad space to support local businesses. This is an effective way of supporting smaller businesses who do not have as much reach on social media.

Helping Healthcare Workers

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have been one of the sectors in the front lines who are risking their health to protect others. Early on in the pandemic, one of the growing issues that healthcare workers had was the lack of protective equipment and hand sanitizer available for them to use. To meet this need, companies like Spirit of York have shifted their alcohol production to hand sanitizer, and local Toronto designers have started sewing masks for healthcare workers. 

Other companies have taken on different initiatives. For example, Ddrops, a company that specializes in vitamin supplements, donated to Toronto hospitals to support healthcare workers. As previously mentioned, any donation or sentiment that supports healthcare workers during this time is always an act of kindness that will never be overlooked.

Helping Other Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many different communities, and while local businesses and healthcare facilities have been some of the primary victims, there are also other communities that have also been affected. For instance, charitable organizations like food banks have been seeing a surge in demand. To alleviate this, Kia Canada has donated to Food Banks Canada to combat food insecurity during COVID-19.

There have also been other frontline workers that many seem to overlook, but play such an important role – grocery workers. These individuals who have been stocking shelves and providing assistance to customers, while being at risk of being in close contact with others should be appreciated for their work. Gay Lea Foods, recently provided baking kits to grocery workers to show gratitude for the work that they do.

While these are just examples of companies giving back, anyone has the capacity to bestow any act of kindness to help others during this time. Giving back does not always have to entail giving something, it can be any form of solidarity or support to those who are working hard to help others during this time.