How to Get More Likes on Instagram

by qodemedia

Sep 21, 2016

Toronto social media marketing management company

Instagram is the second most popular social media site, with Facebook in the number one position. More than 95 million videos and photos are uploaded on a daily basis to this website and approximately 4 billion likes are received daily. This is the best site for branding a product because it has a higher interaction rate with its followers than Facebook or Twitter.

When you receive a higher number of likes on your images, you get increased visibility to other Instagram users, and you gain valuable social media  credibility.Since Qode Social is the best Toronto social media marketing management company, we have a few tips and tricks in order to boost likes for your photos and videos.

Provide Unique Visuals

Instantly improve the visual effects of your videos and photos by using Instagram apps, such as Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout. These apps allow you to create collages, videos with time lapses, and looping videos that will bring your visuals up to a new level. Use filters for your photos to make the image warmer while increasing the contrast and correcting the exposure. Use the built-in manual tools for editing provided by Instagram, instead of the preprogrammed filter for better results.

Photos that have faces in them are more likely to get a reaction and likes from viewers than photos that don’t include a face. If you can include a person in your image, their visage may attract more likes than a more abstract image.

Another good idea it to stick to a colour scheme. A primarily blue colour scheme attracts more attention and likes than any other colour!

Keep Your Audience in Mind

When creating videos and photos to add to Instagram, consider what would appeal to your audience. Think about interesting topics and ideas that your target market would find compelling and base a visual on that topic. It’s a lot easier to get likes when you can relate to your audience.

Also consider when followers would be most active on this social media platform. Make sure to post during this time on a regular basis so that users are comfortable with the consistency of your feed. When you start changing things around, you could notice a drop in the number of likes.

Karma also plays an important role when you want to increase the amount of likes that you receive. Be sure to like and comment on other people’s videos and photos. Some of them will take a look at your profile and are likely to come across some of your posts that they like.

Instagram is a great branding tool that your business could use to connect with a mine of potential customers. To add this tool to your proverbial belt, we can help create and manage your digital persona. This Toronto social media marketing management company can maximize the benefit of running successful digital campaigns. If you have not created an account yet on this powerful social media site. Contact us for a free consultation by calling 647-556-3167 or fill out our online form– let’s chat!