With over 400 million daily active users, Instagram stories are a fun feature that allow users to post photos and videos that can be viewed over the course of 24 hours. Similar to Snapchat stories, the content is short-lived and disappears, once the day has reached its end.

Since launching Instagram Stories in 2016, the popular app has added many exciting features such as GIFS, shoppable tags, question stickers, filters and much more, creating major social media marketing opportunities. With the amazing amount of new features and updates that Instagram has released for Stories, it’s no shock that a new and exciting hack is now available, allowing users to write in colourful, rainbow text! Here’s how to use it:

After launching the app, open the stories editor. Stories appear in a bar at the top of your feed’s page. Tap on the “+” icon at the top-left of your screen, or simply swipe to the left of your home page.

From here record a video, snap a picture or upload a pre-existing post.

Click on the “Aa” button in the top right corner. At this point you’ll be able to add text to your image. You can insert any caption and modify its font, colour, and size.

Next, highlight the writing that was just inserted.

To access the hues at the bottom of the screen, hold down your finger on one of the colours until the option to create a gradient pops up. With this gradient, you’ll be able to select more shades and will not be limited to the few primary ones, suggested by the app. Move your finger along the colour grade, while simultaneously sliding your second finger from right to left across the text.

Ta da! And that’s the finishing touch, just in time for your upcoming spring and summer posts. Let us know how you choose to add some colour and liven up your stories, today!