Ideal Post Length

by qodemedia

Feb 09, 2017

How long is too long? Is my post the right length?

Before you sit down to write your next post on social media, STOP! Read this article to optimize the length of your posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Why does this matter? Well, have you ever heard of information overload? As former president Bill Clinton stated about information overload, “There’s a danger that too much stuff cramming in on people’s minds is just as bad for them as too little, in terms of the ability to understand, to comprehend”.

He’s got a point – as it stands now, you have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of the user who’s viewing your post. Make it count.

For Facebook
Your post should be 40 characters or less, with an image or a link – it’s been proven that these super short posts can receive up to 86% more engagement than longer posts.

For Twitter
Your tweet should be between 71-100 characters in length – the reason? Medium length tweets are able to share a point with the audience while also allowing the individuals who may want to retweet to add some commentary on the original post.

For Google Plus
Your Google Plus headline should be 60 characters or less. For the simple reason – if it is any longer it will likely not fit on one single line and thus receive less engagement. If you are not able to reduce the length of your headline, ensure that you have one kick – ass opening sentence!

This is just the beginning of the conversation on what length is the best length. Keep these tips in mind when writing your next post to make sure you reach your audience!

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