As a local company begins to expand, there exists a certain type of expectation from its customer base that it will start to give back to its local community in one way or another. It’s a type of social responsibility, and this type of sharing is essential to building a brand based on sincerity and ethics. The best way to reach out to your customers and to let them know what you are doing for your community as a local business is to spread the news through social media.

Many companies will take on one particular cause and not only donate money to it, but also do some fundraising events of their own. You can see this being done time and time again by many different companies in your local area. Usually the cause that is chosen is close to somebody’s heart that holds a position of power. A CEO of a company, for example, may have a family relative that is suffering from heart disease and decide to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Association branch in their city or town.

This type of “giving back” becomes a part of the company’s core values and strikes a chord with an audience that is looking for a business that has more substance than just concentrating on its bottom dollar. When a company starts to see larger profits, it’s almost assumed that it will share its wealth in one way or another with others that are less fortunate.

When your company starts to grow and expand, one of the best ways to earn trust and recognition is to let others know what you are doing in terms of charitable work through social media sites. This gives the brand more identity and changes the perception of the company by its local audiences. Posts, tweets, photos and videos can be shared on the social networks showing the efforts of the business to help out a humanitarian cause. In the end, it helps to build up brand loyalty, respect and admiration, and is good karma.

If you are operating a business and are giving back to your community in one form or another, you should be letting others know about it through social media. If you need help sending out these messages, please contact us here at Qode Social either through our website at or by phone at (416) 226-0563. We’ll let you know how it should be done and how we can help through our social media management services.