Social media allows you to connect with your customers while at the same time providing relevant information and nurturing your relationships with them. Social media for business can be used in various ways including raising brand awareness but it should also be considered a tool to improve your retention rates.

Listen to Your Customers

Use social listening tools to find out what your customers are saying about your brand. Listen to them and then base your giveaways, campaigns, and content according to their wants and needs.

Thank Your Customers

Show your gratitude to your followers by writing a post, re-tweeting on Twitter or reposting on Instagram or by simply sharing something that is relevant to them. It doesn’t take long to express gratitude and when you consider the time that your followers have taken to communicate with you, it’s well worth the effort to give back to them.


While holding contests is a great way to increase your brand awareness you can also give away gifts at any time. Free trials and coupons are appreciated and are sure to improve your retention rates.

Your Loyal Followers

Some of your followers are more loyal than others and more likely to take the time to engage with you on social media. They can be considered to be brand advocates that like your service or product and are willing to talk about it. If you take the extra step to give them a coupon or perhaps even a free gift, you’ll find that they’ll be even more engaged and more likely than ever before to share your brand with others.

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