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Instagram recently launched a new feature on Feb. 6 which allows its users to view accounts that they follow into lists. To see this feature, simply go to your account, and then view the pages that you are following and it will appear at the top.

The feature was first tested in October, where Instagram user Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot of the following lists. The new feature categorizes accounts that you follow into two categories, “least interacted with” and “most shown in feed”.

(@wongmjane via Twitter)

“Least interacted with” are users that you do not engage with often. Instagram recommends you to like their posts or react to their stories in order to remove them from this category. This can be used as a tool to view pages to consider unfollowing. Instagram assumes that you are not as interested in the content of these users, which also results in the infrequency of seeing these users’ posts on your feed.

The other category, “most shown in feed” are the users that you interact with the most, by viewing their stories or liking/commenting on their posts. Just as the title suggests, these are also the users that you will always see on your feed since Instagram wants to entice you to keep scrolling through your feed. 

In addition, there is also another feature which allows you to sort your followers. Under the same page where you view your followers, you can sort them into three categories. First is default, where the users you often view appear at the top. The other two categories allow you to sort your followers based on when you followed them, either from the earliest or latest users you followed. 

More categories to come?

When Wong posted a screenshot of Instagram testing this new feature last October, Wong also showcased another feature which has not yet been released.

This feature allows you to categorize your followers into more specific areas, based on what the pages offer. For instance, you can sort your followers based on which pages showcase art or travel.

The feature has not been fully fleshed out yet, and there has been no word from Instagram if this feature will certainly come out.

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