Instagram Makes Big Changes

by qodemedia

May 11, 2016

Social media marketing Toronto


Instagram has become the biggest photo-sharing app of our time. Since its debut in 2010, just five short years ago, Instagram has revolutionized the way we share pictures, adding filters to make the aesthetic just right- making everyone a photographer. Throughout its short lifespan thus far, Instagram has made several updates to the platform- introducing new filters, changing the way our feeds are sorted, the list goes on. On Wednesday March 11th, Instagram made the biggest update we have seen from them to date- a brand new, revamped app icon. This may seem to be a simple change on the surface, but there is a world of change underneath it all.

To start, we are all so familiar with the cute Polaroid camera icon on our screens that we have come to know and love. What was once one of the most recognizable app icons is now no more, replaced inevitably by a more stylish and contemporary design- Behold:

Image: Instagram

Striving for an iconic image that will catch the eye and reflect the innermost essence of an app is no easy task, especially when that app is known and loved worldwide. However, the team at Instagram has taken the plunge into this brave new world, and has brought a splash of colour along with them. What was once the iconic Polaroid has now become an icon of the past, replaced by the colourful, minimalist design we see today. In post on the online forum “Medium”, Instagram’s head of design, Ian Spalter, simply stated that the old icon and design was “not reflective of our community” and they set out to “make it better.”

Along with the revamping of an age-old (or five year old) icon, Instagram has updated the interface of the app with a minimalist design of a white background, and all text is now black. Also, notification icons are now red instead of orange. In this fast-paced technological era, you’d be well advised to stay away from getting attached to apps and interface designs; they can change in an INSTAnt.

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