Instagram Unveils a New Major Marketing Tool for Businesses

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Dec 30, 2016

Toronto Social Media Marketing Management


Instagram Unveils a New Major Marketing Tool for Businesses

On Wednesday, Instagram unveiled its new bookmarking feature that allows users the opportunity to save the posts that they’d like to revisit at a later time. It’s called “Saved Posts” and it has turned Instagram from a browsing tool to a curation tool as well. It closely resembles the feature found on Pinterest and it breathes more life into posts. Posts that had a short shelf-life before this new change came about can now be revisited on a long-term basis by people that bookmark it for later viewing.

Businesses that are using Instagram for branding purposes are going to love this new tool. Exciting hacks can be created such as the one put together by Audi just hours after the feature was introduced. The auto company put up 9 pieces of an Audi R8 image on its page in random order. Anyone that put the pieces together correctly could see the completed image on their own profile in the bookmarks tab. So far more than 3,200 Instagram users have solved the puzzle.

This new update is a welcome addition to the other features that Instagram has initiated in the past months. Last month, links were introduced in stories to convert sales and promote content by businesses and brands. As well, a few selected partners have been testing out shoppable photo tags, which will hopefully be available to the general public soon. Once these e-commerce tests are finalized, users will be able to use the “Saved Posts” button along with the e-commerce features to save the products that they intend to purchase later.

Instagram is taking steps to provide more e-commerce functionality to the site and brands should take into account what these features can offer down the road. For example, brands that have a long lead product will be able to use all of these new tools to their advantage. The bridal and home-improvement industries, for example, can target consumers both on a short-term and on a long-term basis. Users can create a virtual board while browsing and select products of interest that can be accessed later.

It’s highly anticipated that brands will also be able to collect data to improve their ad targeting. It’s also likely that there will be a number of call-to-actions to save brand posts since saving posts will affect the algorithm and make it more likely for a brand’s content to show up in a feed.

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