Instagram’s Stories Allows Users to Post 24 Hour Content to Compete with Snapchat

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Aug 03, 2016

Toronto Social Media Marketing Company

Instagram’s new Stories feature attempts to replicate Snapchat’s success by allowing users to add 24 hour photos and videos. Everyday, it seems like there is a new social network vying for your attention. As a business, it can get pretty difficult to know where to prioritize your content and how to interact with your audience. The latest update in the social media game was Instagram’s new feature: Instagram Stories. Stories works very similar to the feature pioneered by Snapchat. Here’s how Instagram is taking the world by storm with a few modern changes to their photo-sharing app:


Content Expiry

Snapchat’s content is known for being available for a limited time.  Recently, the service added Memories, enabling its users to keep the snaps they wanted, in order to compete with other audio/visual sharing social networks. Instagram, has taken a page out of Snapchat’s handbook, and integrated limited shareable content available for 24 hours. Now, both services have permanent and temporary content.


A Comprehensive Platform

One problem users may have with Snapchat is that in order to gain followers, they must post their Snapchat username on their various other social profiles. It would be more convenient to be able to build a community through the service itself, rather than taking to a third party platform. Stories eliminates the need for a 3rd party platform by integrating this 24 hour limited content. If you are a business with an Instagram account, Instagram’s Stories, benefits you by strengthening this relationship with your audience instead of having to go build the same audience on another platform.


Stories Grows Instagrams Demographics

Stories can revolutionize the way brands communicate with their target audiences. 23% of Snapchat users are under the age of 18. The integration of Instagram’s Stories means that instagram will have better access to younger teens, and a large range of ad formats allowing your company to target your demographic better. The larger the range of ad formats and the larger the demographic, the more optimized your campaign can become.


User Experience

The best websites have the lowest learning curves. This works the same in the app development market. Like many new platforms, Snapchat’s interface wasn’t the easiest to navigate. Facebook has taken Snapchat’s interface errors and integrated a more user-friendly approach with Instagram Stories. Expect to see lots of businesses using Stories to interact better with their consumers.

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