Intern Insights: Lauren

by Lauren Goncalves

Jan 12, 2021

Curious about a day in the life of one of our social media interns? Look no further! Here is the latest instalment of Qode Social’s Intern Insights, where our newest team members share their experience working remotely in the fast-paced and ever evolving digital marketing industry.

About Me

Hello friends! My name is Lauren, and I am currently a social media marketing intern at Qode Social! I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes of working as a social media intern, but first, let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I have a BSc specializing in Psychology and minoring in Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health (a mouthful I know) from the University of Toronto. I am currently pursuing a postgraduate certificate in Social Media Marketing from George Brown College. Marketing was never something I saw myself doing while in university. I love working with people and building communities and relationships (hence my obsession with Psychology), and being creative. I realized pretty quickly that social media marketing gave me the best of both worlds.

Fun Fact: I’ve been an avid thrift shopper my entire life! To date, my best find has been a pair of nearly brand new Prada pumps for $10!

Why Social Media?

Growing up, I was quite a creative little bean. I spent months building a city out of cardboard boxes for my Littlest Pet Shop collection, danced three to four times a week, and wrote stories at every chance I got. While I’ve outgrown Littlest Pet Shop and I haven’t been able to get into a dance studio for the past year, social media has always been a creative outlet for me.

My fascination with social media marketing began in January 2020. Entering my final semester of university and attempting to rediscover my love of reading, I decided to create an Instagram account to share my book reviews and recommendations ( Growing and managing this account over the past year definitely sparked my interest in working in social media marketing and showed me how fun and fulfilling it can be to create meaningful content for my community to engage with!

Finding Qode Social

I stumbled upon Qode Social quite by accident. While scrolling through LinkedIn postings randomly (as you do), a little pink lightbulb caught my eye – Qode Social. Here was a company that emphasized the importance of their team’s growth and wellbeing, a company that cared about philanthropy, a company that urged their community to “celebrate weird” and of course, they weren’t hiring! I was upset but signed up for post notifications to ensure I would know next time they were! Almost a year later, I received an email from LinkedIn with a posting for a Social Media Marketing Intern at the same company. I applied within the hour.

A Day in the Life of an Intern

As an intern, I get to try my hand at a little bit of everything, so my schedule varies day to day. Even so, here’s a little overview of a typical day in my life!

6:30am – Wake up (or try to anyways). Make my bed. Skincare. Get Dressed.

7:00am – Make breakfast. Journal.

8:00am – Sign on for work. Start by organizing my tasks for the day and answering emails or messages as needed.

8:30am – Community Management. I check all the social profiles of our clients and respond to comments, questions and concerns, escalating as necessary. 

8:45am – Account Building. For the next two hours I go through four to five of our clients accounts and interact with their community to increase engagement and brand awareness. This part is SO fun because I get to interact with community members and their content. I almost always finish this part of the workday with new accounts to follow or recipes to try!

10:45am – For the rest of the workday I focus on any other tasks. These usually include writing copy for upcoming content, designing engaging Instagram stories, recording analytics and anything else the team may need help with!

What I Love About Qode Social

If you’ve read through any of our Qode Stories or other Intern Insights posts, you’ll notice that all of us can’t stop gushing about the work environment. I sound like an absolute cheese ball, but I seriously never thought that a workplace like Qode existed. The team here cares so much about each person’s growth and development, and even though my internship has been largely remote, the community has supported and cared for me nonetheless! 

Whether we are reviewing a client’s progress, brainstorming content ideas, or meditating as a team, our virtual get-togethers have allowed me to build relationships with my coworkers, learn new things, and build an appreciation for what I do! I’m a firm believer that the people you work with really do make or break your experience and so far, the team at Qode has made it unforgettable!

Advice for Future Interns

If you’re thinking of applying to Qode Social as an intern, here is some advice:

  • Be willing to learn! Social Media Marketing is a constantly evolving industry which means you are always learning and experimenting with new tools and strategies.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and offer to help with projects or tasks that make you a little bit nervous!

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and what it’s like to work as a social media marketing intern! I am truly grateful for this experience and what it has taught me. I cannot wait to see what the rest of 2021 brings!

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