While many social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer good options for targeting, B2B companies often struggle with specifically getting attention from professionals within their industry. However, there is one platform that has both the reach and the targeting for B2B marketing, LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn is not for everyone, so here are a few tips to help you decide whether the platform is right for your business, and how to best use it.

While often overlooked, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for B2B advertising because of the specific employment factors that can be targeted. While platforms like Facebook allow you to target by employment such as employer or job title, LinkedIn can also target by job function, seniority (such as VP or manager), years of experience, and industry. LinkedIn is also the second most popular social media platform in Canada in terms of users, with over 45% of online Canadians having their own profile. With a wide reach and laser-focused targeting, LinkedIn gives B2B marketers the opportunity to reach key decision makers for their product.

However, LinkedIn is also known for its high average cost-per-click, which can range between $5 and $8. As a result, LinkedIn advertising usually works best for these purposes:

High-Value B2B Products & Services

A sale or lead for your business should be particularly valuable to justify the higher costs associated with LinkedIn. Big-ticket items or recurring services such as Software as a Service (SaaS) are best suited, as capturing high-value leads in those areas can create long-term relationships and thus higher revenue. As a rule of thumb, companies whose average size deal is $10,000 or more benefit the most from LinkedIn lead generation.


Finding the right person to hire can be difficult and costly for many businesses, especially when looking for niche skills or industry knowledge. Not only is LinkedIn known as a place show your resume, LinkedIn also can target job posts based on key professional traits, from “channel marketing” to “accounts payable”. You can also target people in specific job roles to see if they want to advance in a role or make a lateral move, such as targeting operations managers for an operations director role.

As the platform becomes more popular throughout Canada and around the world, LinkedIn is increasing its value as a space for corporate branding, personal branding, and creating meaningful B2B connections. Companies that are looking for niche industry audiences should seriously consider shifting to LinkedIn as a powerful paid advertising platform. To learn more about which social media platforms are right for you, visit our website at www.qodesocial.com. As Toronto’s leading social media agency, Qode Social is here to help you reach our audience effectively.