Lessons We Can Learn about Social Media Marketing

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Dec 05, 2017

There was a heartwarming story that hit the news this week regarding a bakery and café that was going out of business due to lack of sales and customers. This bakery is located in Houston, Texas and it took a hard financial hit recently. It’s a family-owned bakery and when the teen daughter saw that everything that the family had put into the business could soon be lost, she turned to Twitter to share her story.

She sent out a tweet about the café and the hard work that her father had put into it. The tweet started to gain some traction but business started to slow down again following Hurricane Harvey. The teen tweeted a second time following the storm only to see minimal traction from the tweet. She tried a third time and this time she added a video that depicted her father making bread from scratch in the restaurant.
This last effort brought in 2,000 retweets overnight and within 3 days it hit 30,000. Business increased as a result and there is a much better chance that this bakery and café will survive.

Lessons Learned

There are 3 important lessons that can be learned from this story and applied to any type of industry that is using social marketing.
– Never give up. It doesn’t always happen overnight but when you persist with marketing on a social level you can see fantastic results.
– Include videos. Videos tend to engage more users and should be included in your marketing plan.
– Share your story. Social media is an outlet where you can let others know about your business, what it stands for and why it is so special.

In this case, it took 3 tweets to see results, the third tweet included a video and a story was shared about a family-run business that still makes its own bread from scratch. This is just one story of millions to be told regarding social marketing and how it can affect a business. Learn more about the results your business could experience by reaching out to others on social media platforms at www.qodesocial.com.