Social Media Management Toronto

Ah, Dad jokes. The understated hero of modern comedy. While some bourgeois may feel that the classic appeal of bad puns may be beneath them, we at Qode Social know otherwise.


When using social media to market yourself or company, the most important thing to keep in mind is your engagement. How are you relating to your audience? Why should they get behind your brand? Are you entertaining enough that someone would want to follow you outside of business hours, AKA on their spare time?


First step, listen to your audience. Anything that is overly contrived, or appears to be too “professional” for the social media stratosphere is not going to fly (no pun intended). Anything that is too fluffy may have difficulty converting for your website. Knowing the right way to market your brand is crucial.


Second tip, don’t try too hard. Seriously! Any millennial can smell inauthenticity a mile away. So how do you interact with millennials if you don’t speak their lingo? Easy – stay authentic. Stay Dad.



Internet memes may have succeeded Dad Jokes, but really do not differ greatly from their ancient predecessors. They are lame, so much so that they are hilarious, and there is very little rhyme or reason. Dad jokes engage millennials by being authentic, but also don’t exclude an older demographic at the same time. Humour is an integral part of social media.


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