Facebook is famous for its continuous updates- and one of the latest instalment of changes impacts Pages. Facebook Pages are an excellent tool for businesses, personalities, bands, and charities because it allows them to engage with their fans/customers/supporters on social media. There’s no doubt that this is the social media generation, so being present where your audience spends their time is an invaluable marketing tool. We are the best Toronto social media marketing management company, and we have compiled a short guide to new Facebook Pages image sizes for 2016:

Facebook cover photo dimensions: 828 pixels x 315 pixels

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The cover photo is where a business showcases an eye-catching and on-brand image. With the latest Pages update, gone are the days of the profile photo blocking a section of the cover photo. Now, the cover photo stands alone, at the top of the page. It is a focal point, so it is imperative to use a great branded image. Here are more  Qode Social tips for an effective Facebook Pages cover photo:

-Save your image as a .PNG file because it keeps lines and text crisp and clean

-Select “Save for web” when saving image files: this reduces load time, and less load time is always better!

-Make the photo something interesting and eye-catching that fits with your branding, with minimal text (less is more!)

– Beware of cropping! To the edge of the page, you want your cover photo to be the perfect fit. That means making sure that text and images are not “cut off” along edges of the photo. This generation of savvy web users notice these mistakes, so your best bet is to avoid this social media faux pas!  

Facebook profile photo image dimensions: 180 pixels x 180 pixels

facebook profile image size

Your Facebook Pages profile photo is how your business gets recognized throughout Facebook! It’s super important to make your profile photo clear, visually appealing, and concise. The best option for a Pages profile photo is your logo, because it is the easiest way people would recognize your brand in a thumbnail image. So, when your Page is liking, commenting, and engaging with users, you will be recognizable and gain good exposure. Your lovely logo is the best way to be recognized and remembered by your Facebook audience.

Facebook link image size: 1200 pixels x 627 pixels

Facebook link image size

When uploading a link to Facebook Pages, the image that accompanies it needs to be clear and effective. As always, less text is more, and if your link requires an explanation/ set up, you can include this information in the link description. With a maximum width of 504 pixels, and in a Facebook feed with maximum width of 470 pixels, this recommended upload size will ensure your image stays hi-res.

Facebook shared image size: 1200 pixels x 900 pixels


When sharing an image on Facebook Pages, this recommended upload size will ensure that the image you’re sharing will be high quality. From the Newsfeed to your Pages timeline, images uploaded with this pixel dimension will be crisp and clean. It bears repeating, that less text is more! Images are to catch the eye, and any qualifying text should be added in a short description. Any image cluttered with text will be less effective in a visual campaign.

As you can see, the updates and guidelines for Facebook Pages are seemingly endless. That’s why you have Qode Social, the best Toronto social media marketing management company, on your side. Call us today at 647-556-3267 or fill out our online form to get your Facebook Page looking fly, and catching your customer’s eye!