Today, Facebook introduced a new update to the “like” system; now users can use “Reactions” to express emotions on posts. The update allows Facebookers to choose one of five new emotion buttons – “Love,” “Haha,” “Wow,” “Sad” or “Angry”. On a desktop, you hover over the like button with the cursor to see the new emotions. The function of the like button itself won’t be affected, as clicking on the like button will just give the traditional thumbs up.

These five reactions are the first wave of new emotions to be introduced to Facebook this year. Facebook is expected to debut other “Reactions” but have kept quiet about a heavily sought after “dislike” button.

The updated feature received mixed reactions online- some users are happy that they are now able to express different opinions on posts while others seem to find the update pointless: “Facebook Reactions just added new purpose to my life. Now you’ll all know which one of five emotions I am feeling the strongest” said user Chase Christensen.

“In today’s version of ‘news that we will all freak out about that actually means nothing’… Facebook added Reactions.” responded Dan Amarante, another Facebook user.

The biggest change may not be the “Reactions” themselves but rather the impact the new system will have on post and ad delivery- posts with positive reactions will have a better chance of being placed in timelines; overall, a posts’ positive/negative reaction ratio will affect how it reaches timelines.

Will this become a trend among other social sites? Will Facebook introduce Reactions to Instagram? Do you like or dislike the newly added Reactions? Are you excited for Facebook to roll out more reactions, possibly a dislike button?

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