New Instagram Updates November 2017

by qodemedia

Nov 08, 2017

Newest Updates, Nov 2017

Holy toledo, last month was a crazy time in terms of Instagram updates. Instagram rolled out some new features in October that will improve both user and marketer experiences on the site. Polling stickers have been introduced, the Shopify integration controls have been expanded and other exciting updates have been added as well.

Polling stickers


Use the polling stickers to get answers to your most pressing questions. The stickers allow users to choose from 2 different answers that are set to “no” and “yes” by default but can easily be changed. This is a great addition for marketers that are looking for feedback on their products and the perfect way to show your customers that you are interested in their opinions.

Shopify Integration

If you’re running a business on Shopify you’ll love this new feature, which has been added just in time for the busy holiday season. The upgrade is extremely streamlined allowing you to pull your product images from your Facebook catalogue and tag them. If users are able to shop with your post they’ll see a white icon in the form of a shopping bag on the post. When a user clicks on it, they can tap to see the products and the product details.

Users can make a direct purchase from Instagram by clicking again and choosing the option to buy the product. This is a big boost for both small and large businesses since mobile shoppers will be able to buy something while they’re on the go and they can make an instant decision on the spot.

Comment Controls

Now you have the ability to decide who you will allow to make comments on your posts and you can block individuals as well. There is also a filter to block out offensive language on comments made in English, French, German, Portuguese and Arabic.

Stories Tools

Instagram has introduced an alignment tool that you can use to make sure that your design elements are centred and the tool will also let you know whether any of these elements may be covered when a user is looking at your story. Colour pickers are also new on the scene and this tool detects the best colours that would work with your story.

It’s time to start testing out these tools to find out how they can help your business before the busy holiday rush starts. Learn more about Instagram marketing and how you can step up your game by visiting Qode Social at