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Pinterest is one of the best social media sites out there for couples putting together their wedding, making it a perfect part of your marketing strategy. Many brides and grooms take to Pinterest to find ideas, create boards containing their own vision, and to find valuable information about the planning process. It’s an ideal social media platform for those in the wedding industry for many reasons, chief among them is that you know your target market is already there, just waiting for inspiration, ideas, and information.


Showcase Your Portfolio

Regardless of which aspect of the wedding industry you are in, Pinterest can provide endless opportunities for you to show off your portfolio. You can create boards by wedding, by theme, or by product type to show off your best work. Be sure to include images in context as well. For example, if you create invitations, you can demonstrate the process of how they come together, while also featuring a picture of the happy couple mailing them out. For those who specialize in wedding photography or videography, you can include your best work, which may feature smiling couples looking their best on their special day. This tells consumers that you are an expert in your niche, and that your clients are thrilled with your work.


Share Your Own Ideas

You can also post certain images with a link back to your blog, driving traffic to your website. For photographers, this can easily be done by including a post describing the special day along with selected images from the ceremony, pictures, and reception. You can create posts discussing certain themes or colour schemes  and share that on Pinterest as well. Prospective clients looking for ideas featuring those schemes or themes will come across your board, and come to your website looking for more information.


Engage With Your Target Audience

Pinterest is a great way to interact with your audience. Respond to comments made with those of your own, and interact with your followers. One idea is to create a “fan” board and repost images that you see that give you ideas for future projects. It’s a great way to make your audience feel appreciated, and can help you benefit from word of mouth advertising as well.


Pinterest Is Where Your Market Will Look First

When people plan weddings, they usually turn to Pinterest before searching other social media sites. This is due to the ease by which brides and grooms can find the information they are looking for, presented in a visually appealing way. Take advantage of that by ensuring that you have a number of boards, divided in a way that makes sense for your niche, and that they only contain your best work. Don’t neglect optimization either; you want to be sure that your target market can easily find you when they are searching for information about how to plan their own special day.


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