With the recent Instagram update allowing users to be logged into multiple accounts, it has never been easier to switch between your personal and business account. With a simple click, users can now swap between 5 Instagram accounts. While this update has definitely made things a lot easier on Instagram, it can still be quite confusing when trying to integrate your business and personal Facebook accounts into your Instagram profile. Qode Social has the perfect guide on how to seamlessly switch between posting to your personal and business Facebook account.

When posting a photo on Instagram users have the option of sharing that photo directly to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr during the posting process. Normally when you reach this step, clicking on the “Facebook” button will share the photo to your personal account. If you are using a business account or want the photo posted to a different Facebook page, you’ll have to follow these steps to make that change:

Open the “settings” menu for Instagram on your phone; on a iPhone this can be found by clicking the cogwheel on the top right, on an Android phone it can be found by selecting the three dots “. . .” on the top right side of the screen. Once selected, make your way down the screen until you come across “Linked Accounts”. Once you’ve entered this section you’ll notice a long list with a ton of social media channels; some you may regularly use and others you’ve never even heard of! Amongst those, Facebook will be the first social on that list. Upon clicking Facebook you’ll be asked to login. Once this is done, the Facebook icon should be coloured blue, meaning you’re fully connected.

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Clicking the icon and then proceed to click on the “Share to” button. Currently this is defaulted to your personal timeline but can now be switched to any page that you manage. This means that during the posting stage, when you select Facebook, your image will the shared to the selected page. Keep in mind that this change will affect all Instagram accounts that you manage. If you want to start sharing photos to a different Facebook page simple go back and change the selected page in the settings.

It’s simple tips and tricks like these that make navigating social media that much easier. Implementing effective social media strategies is our specialty!  If you’re finding the world of social media a little confusing, that’s okay- just give Qode Social a call. Contact us online or give us a call at 647-951-0763. Qode Social is the leading Toronto social media marketing service. We maintain and grow your online presence while curating the perfect social media strategy just for you.