Qode Social Has Been Featured in Forbes!

Qode Social is proud to announce that an article written by Kelly Samuel, social media director of Qode Social, has been featured in Forbes. The article stresses the importance of using social media platforms the properly when conducting business. A company or website owner should have a distinct purpose in mind when using any social media platform to ensure that there will be benefits from its use.

In order to build your business and to avoid hurting it, Ms. Samuel explores content creation on these platforms and specifically how to make it generates leads. She offers useful suggestions such as posting less to prevent your viewers’ feeds from becoming clogged on sites such as Instagram and Facebook. She also warns against advertising too frequently and instead suggests posting friendly, intriguing articles that would be of interest to your viewers.

Another way to engage users on the social media sites is to reference a trending personality or event in pop culture, especially when advertising. This makes the marketing much more acceptable to the viewing audience.

Ms. Samuel also adds that it’s crucial to look at the roots of these social media sites and how they have evolved. They were initially created for recreational use so that friends and family could connect on a casual basis. Too much advertising conflicts with the initial purpose of the sites so it must be done strategically. Even though the social sites have become somewhat of a marketplace, in order to convert content it should be appealing to human nature and something that a person would be inclined to share.

Content on social media sites must be engaging and relevant. If you aren’t offering this type of content and are merely using these platforms for advertising purposes, you may fall short when it comes to your social media marketing.

To find out more about social media content and how it can explode your business, please contact Qode Social at 416-226-0563 or visit our website. When presented the right way, your content will be viewed and appreciated by your potential customers.