Qode Social is proud to announce that we have been featured on Forbes.com with a post written by Kelly Samuel, the managing director of Qode Media and the social media director of Qode Social. Ms. Samuel discusses the crucial aspects of a social strategy in 2017 and why authenticity is so important.

In order for a client to trust a brand, any company or business must have a strong branding and marketing strategy in place that can be extended to a social media platform. Authenticity must be built into the strategy and displayed for customers to trust the brand.

Customers are now using social media sites to share their immediate thoughts and opinions with a company brand or with customer service in general. A company must have its own authentic voice to communicate with the feedback arriving from the customer and from others that get involved in the conversation on the site. Without an authentic brand voice, your comments will not make an impact on those that you are trying to connect with. It’s all about making your brand real and distinguishable to the marketplace and this is best done through real caring and sharing on social media sites.

Your social media voice should reflect the essence of your business. For example, if you are real estate agent you should be maintaining a professional tone with your audience while at the same time keeping their interest and allowing them to be engaged. If you are running a bar and grill, you tone will be much different. It will be more of a social voice that you should be using to invite others to your establishment and to show them exactly what you have to offer.

Different tones of voice also work better from one social media platform to the next. It’s important to understand the complexities and infrastructure of the media platforms as well as your target audience. An overall strategy takes a look at the market you want to target while also examining the user’s that are visiting the social media sites regularly.

A well-rounded social media strategy incorporates a number of different factors but they all come down to a strong foundation of authenticity for 2017. Without it, your marketing efforts will be crushed. People that are visiting social sites able to determine what is sincere and what is just a surface-level and self-catering posts, tweets etc. in an instant.

Make your brand come alive with authenticity in 2017 and reap the benefits. To find out more tips and suggestions offered by Ms. Samuel, please visit Forbes.com.

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