Qode Social Takes on Project #Trashtag ?

by Claude Dee Laguerre

Mar 25, 2019

Campuses, yards, beaches and the great outdoors have gotten significantly cleaner thanks to a viral social media challenge⎼⎼ Project #TrashTag.

If you haven’t heard of the highly admirable and positive trend, here is everything you need to know:

The popular hashtag made its first appearance in 2015 on Instagram in a post by the media brand Teton Gravity Research. The company wrote, “Help us all […] by joining the #trashtag project and posting pics of your own clean up efforts on Instagram. We aim to make a tangible impact on the environment through the galvanizing forces of social media.” Although it didn’t receive much attention at the time, the old post managed to somehow resurface years later and spread across popular platforms, such as Reddit, Instagram and Twitter.

Contrarily to its initial caption, which was shared over 314, 000 times quickly after its reappearance, the challenge spread to all corners of the world and pushed more than just “bored teens” everywhere to participate in the global effort to preserve the Earth.

Finally, a challenge that we can get on board with. Here is our take on the challenge and our attempt at keeping the 6ix clean and sound! We’re hoping more trends will surface, just like this one, and encourage people everywhere to have an impact and make the world a better place.