Qode Stories: Meet Ali

by Nathan Halnin

Dec 04, 2020

Everyone has something unique that they bring to the table at Qode Social. From different skills to different personalities, all of these attributes play a vital role in the landscape of our agency. Through our diverse talents, we strive to maintain a strong and tight-knit community which influences our company culture.

This is the third edition of Qode Stories, a monthly series that shares some insight on some of the employees who work at Qode Social.

Meet Ali

Today is a special day for Ali! One year ago, she joined the Qode Social team and has made an everlasting impact through her incredible work! From her photography skills, to her photo-editing capabilities, Ali is the mastermind behind a lot of our creative projects! Ali’s friendly demeanor also adds a lot of positive energy in the workplace.

Ali also recently started a new project called “Not Amazon” designed to help small businesses in Toronto and beyond, which we had a chance to ask her about in our previous blog.

Celebrating her one year work anniversary, Ali was able to sit down for an interview to reflect on her experiences during the past year as an account manager.

It has been officially one year since you started here at Qode Social! Happy one year! How do you feel about that?

“I feel so thrilled! If I look back at where I started and where I am now, I can’t believe how much I learned and have accomplished with our team since starting.

I am self taught in most of my areas of expertise. At this job and historically, I have found that a lot of businesses frown upon that, but at Qode, it was embraced and I have had one of the most creative and fulfilling years ever! I feel very grateful to be at a company where so much forward momentum is encouraged and fostered.”

What is your current job position at Qode Social?

“My official title is account manager, but I also do a lot of the behind-the-scenes creative work, from photography, to graphic design (a lot of graphic design!) and content creation.”

What’s your favourite part of working here?

“I mean it wholeheartedly when I say our team. It is sort of a utopian workplace, and I’m not just saying that because I know our boss is reading! I think in this day in age (and especially based on my previous work experience), this type of unconditional support network, diversity and priority alignment is so unheard of. I love that our company puts the wants and desires of its employees first, and that there are constant check-ins on how you want to grow and where you see yourself.

I will stop gushing now, but it is just so insanely rare, especially in agency life!”

What’s something valuable that you learned while working here?

“Where do I start? I guess I have honed a tonne of skills while working here, but I think the biggest new thing I learned was client relations.

I used to work at a large Urban-Outfitters-like store where I was doing all of their product buying, and I was always the client, never the other way around. When I first started, I was so nervous to flip that script because I was always dealing with such experts at my previous job and never saw myself being able to do it!

Luckily with the help of our social team leading by example and teaching me their ways, I realized it’s not so intimidating and it has become one of my favourite parts of the job.”

Do you have any favourite memories while working at Qode Social?

“I think that any time something good happens, or something not so good happens, some of my favourite moments have been in our social team group chat.

Working from home is challenging, and being able to have an outlet to all your friends where you’re free to share the best and worst of it in all caps and 60 emojis is just dreamy.”

What do you like about social media?

“I think my favourite part is all the visual aspects.

I love seeing the new ways people are doing product photography, or working with fonts and copy. Or creating new colour palettes and working with lighting. There is something so satisfying about looking at a grid or website that makes total sense to your brain instantly and subconsciously.

I think that’s my aim in everything I do as well, on the accounts I work on – to create visual interest while achieving total balance. It’s not easy but when you get it right it’s the best feeling.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

“I think the greatest personal social media achievement of my life is securing the Instagram handle @budweiserkingofbeers.

I have been using my page as an outlet for anti-racist educational resources that I have been making over the last nine months, and the only hitch to having it is putting that sort of content out under that username…”

One more thing! About that Elton John photo…

“When I used to work at a record store, I tried to sneak my own band’s record into the box of records [Elton] bought without being seen, but he was cashing out at the time so we started chatting about how his husband is from Toronto. My coworker and I just gabbed with Elton for a bit. He’s very lovely and silly!… and I did manage to sneak my album in!”

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