At Qode Social, one of our biggest sources of pride comes from our employees who possess multiple facets of talent. Every individual at our agency plays a vital role in our collective success as a company. We believe that recognizing each of our team member’s hard work is important in fostering a work environment that encourages creative growth and development.

Each of the members at Qode Social have a unique story. This is why we are starting a new series titled Qode Stories, where we will share the experiences of our team members who add so much value to Qode Social!



Meet Emma

When it comes to pop culture, there’s no one else who knows it best other than Emma, who has been here the longest at Qode Social! Emma is best known for her boundless creativity, and the warmth that she brings to the team! She is also our certified Taylor Swift expert.  

This past week, Emma was promoted to Senior Social Media Account Manager at Qode Social and we are beyond thrilled for her! We sat down with Emma to ask her a few questions about her time at Qode Social, and to find out more about her. 

First of all, congratulations on your promotion! How do you feel about that?

“Wow, thank you so much! I’m really excited about it. I’ve been with the company for a few years now and I feel truly honoured to have been given this position. I can’t wait to take on these new tasks, especially in regards to helping the new interns we hired because I once was one too!” 

“With my new promotion, I’m now a Senior Social Media Account Manager. After being hired as an intern, I was given the role of a Social Account Manager, which was my position for the last year and a half.”

 What’s your favourite part of working here?

“The culture! Everyone is so welcoming and committed to making this a fun, exciting, learning-filled environment and I’m so grateful for the people I’ve met here. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve worked with here. It really warms my heart that I’ve met some of my close friends through this company.”

Do you have any favourite memories while working at Qode Social?

“Oh my gosh that’s so hard, there’s so many! Wine Wednesdays were always a classic for me, haha! They definitely spiced up the week, but I honestly have had such great memories going to client meetings, meeting new people, prop shopping, going to photoshoots, and so much more that it’s so hard to narrow it down! Basically any time the social team is being creative, that always sticks in my mind.”

What’s your favourite social media platform right now?

“Twitter! I am truly obsessed with that hilariously wonderful platform. There is chaotic content coming out every single day on there, and I always tell myself I’ll only be on it for 10 minutes, but then hours pass and I’m still sitting on my couch dying of laughter.”

“I think what I love most about it is the community it creates, and I find that it’s a platform that no one takes seriously. Everyone just lets loose and has fun on it and I love that! Especially in these difficult times.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

“A fun fact about myself is that I love acting! When I’m not running social media channels, I’m usually in classes and workshops working on my acting technique. It’s something that has always been really close to my heart and consistently challenges me.”

“One day, I will have lunch with Leonardo DiCaprio, and that is a fact.”

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