Qode Stories: Meet Nathan

by Claude Dee Laguerre

Jan 19, 2021

Qode Social takes immense pride in uniting brands with their audiences. This is achieved with the help of a talented team of diverse professionals who have a passion for the work that they do.

In this fourth edition of Qode Stories, our monthly series that shares key insight on the amazing people who work here, we had the privilege of sitting down with Nathan.

Nathan is a professional writer who merged his love for creative writing with social media marketing. He has a degree in Journalism from Ryerson University and a double minor in Public Relations and Human Resources Management.

If you’ve had the pleasure to read some of our past posts, you should know that Nathan manages the blogs here at Qode Social. We know that it’s not by any means a simple task, yet Nathan continues to produce and write relevant and thought-provoking pieces effortlessly. His compelling storytelling skills allow him to create multimedia content that is informative and engaging.

The month of January is a special one for Nathan, as it marks his one year work anniversary at Qode Social! Read all about his reflections on this past year below.

Meet Nathan

It has been officially one year since you started here at Qode Social! Happy one year! How do you feel about that? 

“Time really flies! It certainly feels like I just started yesterday, but it has truly been a tremendous year full of growth! I feel grateful knowing that throughout this entire year, I have been part of a team that has nurtured my professional development in every step of the way. As cliche as it sounds, it certainly does not feel like work when you’re surrounded by a supportive team that embraces your ideas.” 

What is your current job position at Qode Social? Could you tell us a little bit about your role?

“In my current position, I work as a Social Media Account Manager. My position allows me to utilize my creativity through various outlets. From copywriting to graphic design, I get to use my skills to strategize and create the social media campaigns of the clients I work with. In addition to this, I am also responsible for managing Qode Social’s blog.”

What’s your favourite part of working here?

“The company culture at Qode Social is top notch. From day one, I was never made to feel like an outsider and that was really important to me. I was never afraid to ask questions because the team at Qode Social definitely went out of their way to ensure that I was comfortable in my work surroundings. The team always made an effort to recognize every milestone and achievement that I reached, and just that feeling of being appreciated for my work makes it such a joy to work here!”

What’s something valuable that you learned while working here?

“Given the agency setting of Qode Social, I definitely learned about the importance of building professional relationships with so many different stakeholders. From clients, to customers, and to everyone else in between, I’ve learned about the importance of maintaining and strengthening these relationships with proper communications to contribute to the overall success of Qode Social.”

Do you have any favourite memories while working at Qode Social? 

“One of my favourite memories while working at Qode Social was when I assisted Claude Dee and Karley with a photoshoot for one of our clients. The entire process of assisting in the set up of the scenes to the execution of the photoshoot was so much fun! But what made it such a memorable experience was all the teamwork put behind this major project, and I definitely think that was the main reason it was so successful. Of course, the cherry on top was that the client also loved the photos!”

 What’s something that surprised you about working at an agency?

“I think what surprised me the most about working at an agency was how some of my experiences derived from my background in journalism have actually prepared me for this position. Both are dynamic work environments where you really need to be mindful of your time management, and the fact that I was able to translate some of my previous skills into a completely different industry was certainly a delightful surprise for me.”

 “But in terms of the actual agency setting, I think the ability to do so many different things is what makes it such a unique experience. Depending on the requests of clients, the creative possibilities are endless.”

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to enter the digital media workforce?

“I would recommend being as resourceful as possible. With digital media, there are so many possible streams that you can focus on, whether it is social media, SEO or UI to name a few. Depending on which focus piques your interest, there are so many online resources available that can aid you in learning more about that particular field outside of school. Resources such as Google Digital Garage and Facebook Blueprint offer a wide range of free courses that you can utilize to help with your professional development.”

 Do you have any professional goals for yourself or your team in 2021?

 “I’m always eager to learn, and even after a full year of working here at Qode Social, I definitely think there’s plenty of room to further build on my current skills. I certainly want to continue revamping the Qode Social blog by providing more informative and engaging blog posts, but also balancing it with more personable content that also showcases the culture of Qode Social.”

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

“Even though I’m still learning, I really enjoy cooking! I can make a chicken noodle soup from scratch that I’m quite proud of! In my spare time, I like to look up recipes to keep myself inspired, as there are some dishes that I definitely want to try cooking at least once.”


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