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#TBT to when Toronto transit-goers saw phallic-looking signs being taken down at Downsview station. They appeared to illustrate that the station was designed with a rather phallic shape in mind – enough so that TTC found it necessary to remove the signs entirely.

After some extensive digging, we’ve found the blueprints of that station. And it’s even better than we thought – it looks like a giant… well, you know.

I mean there are even two other buildings that were designed and erected that fill in the gaps for the imagery. The internet thought it was phallic with just the station – what about with the substation and the er, passenger pick-up area? Can we talk about the vent shafts? It’s an interesting profile of something, that’s for sure.


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What do you think, did the architect intentionally design the station to look this way (AKA trolling the entire city of Toronto), or is it just a happy coincidence? Leave your comments below!