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Snapchat’s New Features Bring Augmented Reality To Advertisers

Get ready – Snapchat is launching a new feature that allows users to incorporate corporate logos into their Snaps! These promotional lenses can be used for videos and images, even Snaps without faces. MGM Studios and Warner Bros. are some of the first businesses to be using these new lenses.

On May 19, the two blockbuster film studios are releasing a new movie titled “Everything, Everything”, and Snapchat users can film their own videos using a promotional lens! The lens features a new frame with flowers and details of the movie – but the most exciting feature is the addition of creatures that interact with objects in the frame!

This new promotional opportunity gives companies the chance to test out augmented reality and its effectiveness as a marketing tool for the future. Fans of this movie will be able to use other lenses as well that feature interactive clouds, characters that can be added to Snaps, games, and more.  Snapchat is also updating it’s Geofilters, creating Smart Geofilters that incorporate location or other data into the image – MGM and WB used this to reach out to students by featuring the name of their high school in the Snap.

Snapchat has announced they will also be working together with major advertising firms to develop marketing campaigns for a variety of household brands. This will give advertisers something new to test in the upcoming months. Snap will also be offering Lens ads that target smaller demographic or geographic audiences.

It’s not entirely clear at this point whether these types of lenses will attract new sales and traffic, or if Snap users will only find it something amusing to play with. It’s also unsure at this point of the game whether other rival social media sites such as Instagram will copy this new feature with their own augmented reality ads.

As more and more promotional tools become available to companies and business owners, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of any social media updates. Qode Social offers expert social media management that will improve your online presence and help you reach your goals. If your business is looking to take advantage of the social media landscape, contact us today!