If you’re looking for millennial talent to add to your employee base, social media is a great tool to use to find them. It’s estimated that 86% of the people that have been working for 10 years or less are using social media to research employers and to find jobs. Social media should definitely be considered as a prime tool for your recruitment efforts. Here are some tips you can use to reach out to millennials using social media to generate a favourable response.

The Popular Media Platforms for Millennials
While Twitter and Facebook are definitely popular platforms for millennial’s, don’t ignore Snapchat and Instagram. The majority of the younger crowd are hanging out there as well and using it as a tool to find new employment opportunities.

Build Relationships
You don’t need to wait for younger people to be looking for jobs before starting new relationships with them. It’s easy to connect with the millennials that are in your industry through networking sites like LinkedIn. Get on their radar early so they’ll know who to contact when they are ready to look for a new job.

Targeted Facebook Ads
Use Facebook as part of your recruiting efforts by putting up targeted ads. You’ll be able to reach scores of qualified potential employees this way. Use the “occupational targeting” setting to make sure that your ads are reaching Facebook members that are in the same industry.

Make it Visual
You can create interesting recruitment ads by simply making them visual. Videos and pictures of your staff or a visual presentation of the office space will help share the story of your services and products. Create a more meaningful impact with your ads through the use of infographics to generate more interest in your job postings.
Receive Feedback

Millennials generally tend to be concerned about the morals of a company and want to be closely associated with companies providing superior products and great customer service. For this reason, it’s important to keep track of your branding reputation online by checking out review websites such as Yelp. This way you can find out what others are saying about your business. You can bet your bottom dollar that millennials will be checking out your company on the internet to find out everything they can about it before submitting their resumes.

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